KDOQI Clinical Practice Guidelines for Bone Metabolism and Disease in Chronic Kidney Disease


Table 1. Stages of Chronic Kidney Disease
Table 2. Major Features of Abnormalities in Mineral Metabolism in Kidney Failure
Table 3. Factors Affecting the Level of Serum Phosphorus in CKD
Table 4. Biological Consequences of Vitamin D Deficiency
Table 5. Possible Reasons for Variations in Bone Disease Among Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease
Table 6. Factors That May Predispose to Soft-Tissue Calcification in Stages 4 and 5 CKD
Table 7. Steps Used to Develop the Bone Disease Guidelines
Table 8. Summary of Article Retrievals
Table 9. Evidence Base for Evidence Reports
Table 10. Rating of Methodological Quality
Table 11. Rating of Applicability
Table 12. Example of a Study Quality Overview Table
Table 13. Grading Rationale Statements
Table 14. Frequency of Measurement of PTH and Calcium/Phosphorus by Stage of CKD
Table 15. Target Range of Intact Plasma PTH by Stage of CKD
Table 16. Factors Prevalent in CKD Patients Which May Influence the Type of Osteodystrophy Lesion
Table 17. Non–CKD-Related Factor Which May Affect Bone Metabolism in CKD Patients
Table 18. Pathologies Identified by Bone Biopsy Measures
Table 19. Side Effects Associated with a Phosphorus-Restricted Diet and Their Rate of Occurrence
Table 20. Phosphorus Content of Protein-Containing Foods
Table 21. Steps To Calculate the Initial Binder Prescription
Table 22. Phosphorus-Binding Compounds
Table 23. Adequate and Upper Intake Levels of Calcium for Healthy People by Age
Table 24. Calcium Content of Common Calcium-Based Binders
Table 25. Factorial Analysis for Determining Calcium Requirements in Adults Aged 19-30 Years
Table 26. Recommended Supplementation for Vitamin D Deficiency/Insufficiency in Patients with CKD Stages 3 and 4
Table 27. Serum Levels of PTH, Calcium and Phosphate Required for Initiation of Oral Vitamin D Sterol Therapy, and Recommended Initial Doses in Patients with Stages 3 and 4 CKD
Table 28. Recommended Initial Dosing for Vitamin D Sterols by Serum Levels of Intact PTH, Calcium, Phosphorus, and Ca-P Product
Table 29. Effect of Dialysis Membranes on the Development of Clinical or Radiographic Symptoms of β2-Microglobulin Amyloidosis
Table 30. Summary of the Results of the Effect of Different Dialysis Membranes on β2-Microglobulin Serum Levels
Table 31. Aluminum-Related Disorders: Features, Causes and Considerations for Therapy
Table 32. Frequency for Measurement of Serum Levels of Total CO2
Table 33. Frequency of Measurement of Calcium, Phosphorus, PTH and Total CO2 after Kidney Transplantation
Table 34. Commercially Available Preparations for Phosphate Supplementation